SV Microwave

Mini-D RF Connection System,

High density design (.110" port-to-port spacing) with proven SMPS interface

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Redpine Signals

Multi-Protocol Wireless Solutions

Wi-Fi® (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), BT/BLE 5.0, Application Processor 802.15.4/ZigBee®/Thread, 802.11p

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LTE Cat-M B4/B13

Verizon certified

Size: 21.35 x 20.25 x 1.79 mm

HD-FDD : 300 kbps/375 kbps

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Reflectionless Filters

Lowpass, highpass & bandpass; DC-21 GHz


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Wireless Connectivity Tester

802.11ax WiFi, Bluetooth classic & BLE, ZigBee & more

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M60xx TCXO Family

Stability to +/-0.2ppm

2.5 x 2 mm packages available

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ULC Series

Ultra-Flexible DC - 18 GHz Test Cables

2.0 in bend radius & minimal phase change with flexure

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3G Metalworx

Custom Shield Can

Complex Feature Rich

Multi-Cavity Shield Sets
Basic Shielding Cans

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Innovative Solutions in Wireless Communications Components

Disman Bakner Northwest is a manufacturers’ representative firm providing solutions for wireless and power related components market in the Pacific Northwest & Western Canadian provinces.

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